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is not just Rome

But Italy is not just Rome. It offers diverse and beautiful landscapes, wonderful beaches and has the most delicious and authentic national cuisine. Italy is also home of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world such as Tuscany. I will show you the best restaurants and local food gourmet and perhaps the best of all – I’ll give you the possibility to discover lesser known, enchanting and charming spots you will fall in love with at first sight.

There are certainly many things to experience while traveling to Rome, visiting the beautiful attractions and learning about its fascinating past and culture. I am passionate of the history of the Ancient Rome, which is famous for its longest lasting empire in the world and covers the history of the western civilization that took place in all of Europe, Northern Africa and Close Orient to Iraq. You can breath the history of the Italian capital around every corner and I can take you around and help you to see its highlights and you will get to see the things that the eternal city is famed for. Rome is full of hidden gems as well and through them you will gain a true sense of the Italian remarkable cultural identity. Imagine the joy you are going to feel standing next to the buildings and visiting places that you may have only read about them in books or watched in movies.

I can take care of almost evrything you can need during your trip, if to choose a private limo with driver or another mean for moving, best restaurants and local food gourmet, wine tasting, best places where to book your hotel.