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About us

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Rome Top Driver

I have over 10 years of experience in driving customers around Rome and other parts in Italy with private limo and van tours. I offer you to experience Italy through the eyes of a local guide and I can provide you a high level of service that suits your needs and interests in a relaxing, professional and comfortable way.

I can be your local friend that knows the most interesting solutions for everything is concerned with visiting Rome and Italy.

My service is tailored to your wishes with authentic local flavour. You are not going to waste your precious time organizing your travel, booking tours, searching for acccomodations, figuring out public transport and dealing with issues as what are the best things to see and where are the best places to enjoy your meals. I will take care of everything for you and you will have just to relax and enjoy your vacation.

I want you to help to experience the real Italian Dolce Vita and give you a taste of the Italian hospitality through its people, culture, monuments and food.

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