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Travel Survival Tips.

Make your visit to Italy with a mind open to the changes and differences you might experience. Be fascinated by things you see around you. Don't rely solely on your past experiences. See every stone, every smile and glance at the sky as if you have never seen them before.

When visiting one of the many beautiful Churches or Basilicas in Italy, please cover your legs, shoulders and midriffs with non-transparent clothing.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and, as the famous but ancient Roman roads and ways may trip up people looking at monuments, please watch your step!

Always keep an eye on your wallet or purses. There is little to no danger in the daytime, but there are pickpockets in the crowded areas of Rome. Do not let strangers join you, especially children.

We recommend not wearing precious jewelry or carrying large amounts of cash. If you have a large amount of money, speak with your guide. We can help ensure your security.

It makes a difference if you drink your coffee or coke sitting at the table or just standing at the bar. Many times there is a big difference in the prices; at the bar a coffee is about 1.00 euro while sitting at the table you could pay up to 3 to 5 euros more. If you have any doubts, you can check the prices always posted on the wall, but frequently hidden!

Tipping is a sign of appreciation in Europe for a job well done. - Base your tip on the quality of service your waiter, guide or limo driver has given you and how well they treated you: 10 to 15 % for good to an outstanding job.

You may find people dressed like ancient Roman soldiers near the famous monuments. If you choose to take a picture with them, please note that you are supposed to pay for taking their pictures. Generally it is up to 5 euros per photo but ask before to be sure.

What else?

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